• What is an NFT?

    NFT is a non-fungible token hosted on the blockchain. A token is a smart contract standard that exists on a certain blockchain, and every blockchain has different types of tokens.

    Any digital item can become an NFT. Thus, you can create NFTs with collectibles, artwork, videos, and other files.

    TCG Fandom is a metaverse of digital assets: NFTs made from influencer and content creator moments, and fractional ownership in owner-verified, graded trading cards (eg. PSA, Beckett).

  • What is minting?

    Minting is the process of creating a non-fungible token (ie. NFT) on the blockchain. TCG Fandom uses the Polygon blockchain, which uses MATIC, USDC and other forms of cryptocurrencies. Blockchains charge certain minting fees called “Gas” in order to create an NFT.

  • What is a Moment?

    A content creator or player Moment is an NFT made from real video of a real event. You can own a piece of history and also show your support for the player or content creator by buying their Moments.

    Each Moment will come in a rarity category and will have additional perks. Check out the FAQs and the individuals Moments to learn more about rarity perks.

  • What are the various Moment rarity categories?

    Rare: Entry for 1 person to all TCG Fandom sponsored social functions.

    Legendary: Rare benefit plus entry to all TCG Fandom Legendary events and invitational tournaments.

    GOAT: Legendary benefit plus 1 unique GOAT-tier item, and invitation to all GOAT events and invitational tournaments.

  • What is a third-party graded trading card?

    A graded trading card is a collectible card whose quality has been certified by a trustworthy third-party service such as PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) or Beckett Grading Service. For more information visit PSA or BGS.

  • Can I create an NFT on TCG Fandom without putting it on sale?

    Yes, you can upload a high quality image of your third party graded (eg. PSA) TCG trading card and TCG Fandom will create an NFT from this card that you own after your ownership of the third party graded TCG card is verified.

    You can do the same for Moments but please upload the Moment video. Typically we would want to speak with you before we permit you to publish Moments on TCG Fandom so please contact us for details.

    You can display your new trading card NFT or your Moment in your collection, and when you’re ready you can list it for sale.

  • Do you have a video I can follow on how to upload an NFT?

    Yes we do! You can find our step by step guide here!

  • What kind of Crypto wallets work on TCG Fandom?

    Right now, we only work with MetaMask, but our plan is to expand to other wallets in the future. You can download the MetaMask wallet here.

  • How are NFTs minted on TCG Fandom?

    We use a process called lazy minting, which means you won’t have to pay any gas fees to upload your to-be NFT to TCG Fandom. Your NFT will only be minted once someone decided to purchase it, saving you both time and money.

  • What kind of images do you recommend for making trading card NFTs?

    We recommend images that you get from grading card companies like PSA. Click this link for an example. If you aren’t able to obtain an image from the third-party grading company, then the image you upload must be straight on (not at an angle) and the slab portion of the image must have the following (approximate) dimensions: 1425 x 2400 edge to edge of the slab. You can also do multiples of the above dimensions as long as the ratio of the actual slab is 14.25/24. Here’s an example of a card image. If you have any questions about uploading images, contact us.

  • How do I prove ownership of a third-party graded trading card?

    When you start the process for creating an NFT, you will be prompted to upload certain verification information to prove that you physically own the card. This will involve you uploading an image of yourself holding the card with your valid photo identification and today’s date written in ink, so that all the items are clearly legible in the photo.

    Alternately, you may place the graded trading card slab on a surface, and place your photo identification and today’s data legibly written in ink next to both, and submit a photograph of all of the above in one image.

  • How do I value my third-party graded TCG card NFT?

    Value of something rests with you the collector. For example, an NFT of a PSA 10 Pop 2 card might be significantly more valuable than an NFT of PSA 8 Pop 3,000 card. Use real-world rarity as a guide to help you establish the potential value of your NFT.

    Since NFTs on TCG Fandom are made from real-world, encapsulated TCG cards that you already own, you might consider them as a secondary investment and price them accordingly. For example, if the real-world PSA 9 Pop 100 card retails for $200, you might want to consider listing your NFT of the card for $50, or some fraction of the real card’s value. On the other hand, you own a PSA 10 Pop 1 card and it’s retail value is $2,000, the NFT of the card might actually be worth more than the card itself since the NFT might truly be unique. Maybe the NFT of this unique card is worth $5,000.

    We leave it up to you to decide on the value of your NFTs, using basic principles of supply and demand. Scarcer encapsulated card NFTs might be worth more than more common ones, and you might want to price them accordingly.

  • Can I change an NFT’s price?

    You can change the price of your NFT at any time free of any charges. To change the price, indicate the new price on the collectible’s page and sign the signature request in your wallet.

  • What's the royalty program?

    A royalty can be applied for secondary and further sales of an NFT. When TCG Fandom mints an NFT for you, you can set a certain percentage as royalty for such sales. When you sell your NFT to Buyer A, and they sell it to Buyer B at a new price, you will receive the royalty calculated from the actual sales price to Buyer B.

  • Can I report a "problem" NFT?

    Yes, to report and NFT, open that NFT’s page, click on “…” and tap “Report”. A reported item will be sent for consideration to TCG Fandom’s security team.

  • Who is a Verified member?

    A Verified badge demonstrates that the TCG Fandom community member has proven authenticity and reputation in the marketplace. To verify an account, we consider a proven NFT, valid social media presence, the amount and quality of NFTs minted, and the quality of communication with other platform participants.

  • How do I get a Verified?

    The only way to get verified is via a verification application form. To apply, go to the “Edit Profile” page, scroll down and click on “Get Verified” at the end of it, and fill in the given form. After you submit the information, TCG Fandom’s team will review the application and contact you as soon as possible to verify your status. If the data matches your profile you will be granted a Verified badge.

  • What is "Unlock once purchased" on NFT Creation page

    TCG Fandom allows you to create NFT collectibles with unlockable content. When you do so, a new button will appear on your NFT listing that will become clickable when someone purchases your NFT. You can add what the “unlockable” content is in your Description so people know if you are offering something special in addition to the NFT.

    For example, say you own a TCG store. Maybe you offer a 5% discount code to someone who buys your NFT? In this case, you can put your discount code in the unlockable content area of the NFT listing, and if someone buys your NFT, they’ll be able to click the unlockable content button on the NFT to reveal the code.

    This can be used for easter eggs, links to downloadable content or webpages, unique streams for “invite only” events, etc. This is your field to give something special to someone who buys your NFT.

  • If I add an NFT but don't list it for sale, can I add Royalties at a later time?

    When adding an NFT to your collection but not listing it for sale, the system will not allow you to add a royalty when listing it for sale later. We recommend you list the card for sale so you can add a Royalty. You can always delist your card from sale at a later time and it will stay in your collection with a retained future royalty!

  • Can I edit a collectible theme after I create it?

    When creating your own custom theme make sure the image resolution for the PFP and the banner are to the recommend specifications. This ensures maximum image quality as once a theme is created you are unable to edit it.

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